Alabama High School Football Ratings for 2005
Final Results

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State Championship results.

  The Ratings:

Quick look at the state's top 15 teams:

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 *=Class 2A
 2=Class 3A
 3=Class 4A
 #=Class 5A
 "=Class 6A
 ^=Non-Alabama Schools
                           W  L
                           -  -
    1 " Hoover            14  1   834
    2 " Tuscaloosa Co.    12  1   810
    3 " Davidson          12  1   801
    4 " Daphne            13  2   794
    5 # Homewood          15  0   790
    6 " Prattville        11  1   766
    7 " Opelika           12  2   764
    8 " Oak Mountain      10  4   744
      3 UMS-Wright        15  0   744

Region Standings and Wilson's Ratings

Class 1A Ratings and Regional Standings
Class 2A Ratings and Regional Standings
Class 3A Ratings and Regional Standings
Class 4A Ratings and Regional Standings
Class 5A Ratings and Regional Standings
Class 6A Ratings and Regional Standings

Or see the top 20 in every class.




Ratings from the Wobus system

     Class 1A
     Class 2A
     Class 3A
     Class 4A
     Class 5A
     Class 6A

Or see the top 20 in every class.


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