Alabama High School Basketball Ratings for 2012-13

Warning: games that have not been reported to the AHSAA score database are not included. Those schools will not be rated correctly, and will have incomplete win-loss records!

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Quick look at the state's top 20 boys teams:

                             W  L
                             -  -
   1 (6A) Lee (Huntsville)  13  1  2.1238
   2 (5A) Wenonah           17  1  2.0090
   3 (6A) Hoover            22  3  1.9742
   4 (6A) Sparkman          23  7  1.9339
   5 (6A) Gadsden City      15  4  1.9155
   6 (5A) Paul Bryant       20  2  1.8424
   7 (6A) Hazel Green       17  4  1.8046
   8 (6A) Mountain Brook    23  6  1.7724
   9 (6A) Oxford            17  4  1.7681
  10 (6A) Carver-Montg.      9  1  1.6932
  11 (6A) Thompson          25  4  1.6557
  12 (6A) Smiths Station    23  5  1.6357
  13 (4A) Madison County    16  2  1.6012
  14 (6A) Clay-Chalkville   21  6  1.5878
  15 (5A) Columbia          17  8  1.5514
  16 (6A) Florence          17  5  1.5473
  17 (5A) Homewood          18  4  1.5395
  18 (5A) Shelby County     24  5  1.5327
  19 (6A) Jeff Davis        15  4  1.5287
  20 (5A) Athens            20  6  1.5178

Statewide Ratings and Area Standings
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