Q:  "So, why are there now TWO formulas on your page?  One is hard enough to understand!"

A:  Well, mainly because I like BOTH systems.  Wilson's seems to have a strong emphasis on strength of schedule.  The Wobus system (created by John Wobus) appears to reward winning about as much as scheduling.  It keeps the teams with good records at the top (i.e., no undefeated teams rated below 30, which may be unrealistic), but can still show how strong/weak they are.

Basically, I like both, and I want to show the public yet another example of how easy it is to bend statistics to fit the problem at hand!  That's NOT a knock against Wilson or Wobus--I greatly admire their work and love showing the results--instead, it's proof that the problem of rating football teams is an extremely difficult one and that there are probably thousands of ways to go about doing it.  I just want to show you two of them.

For the record, if I were creating "my" top ten, I'd probably use a blend of these systems.  If the Alabama Sports Writers Association ever calls me (don't hold your breath), my vote would be a computerized one.

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